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UniversalTalent International Signs Historic Accord with Ministry of Culture in Minsk, Belarus, Plans Acting Schools – UniversalTalent International

UniversalTalent International Signs Historic Accord with Ministry of Culture in Minsk, Belarus, Plans Acting Schools

Minsk, Belarus – 17 September 2013


UniversalTalent International (“UTI”), the Beverly Hills, California global Talent and Management Agency, announced the signing of a historic agreement today with Boris Svetlov, the Minister of Culture, Republic of Belarus, at a meeting held at the Ministry headquarters in its capital of Minsk. The contract, which forges a strategic alliance between UTI and the Belarusian government’s Ministry of Culture, is intended to invigorate the film industry of Belarus and encourage Hollywood producers to make movies in the Republic.

The Belarusian government owns Belarusfilm, a film production studio consisting of multiple sound stages, pre and post-production facilities and two campuses consisting of over 100 acres including both a traditional studio as well as an outdoor shooting arena with heavily wooded land and two large lakes. The latter facility features housing for a the production crew and director so that extensive outdoor productions can easily be accomplished. The strategic alliance formed between UTI and the Belarusian Ministry of Culture authorizes UTI to represent Belarusfilm, and introduce the capabilities of both Belarusfilm as well as local talents in Minsk’s film industry, and is the first agreement ever between an American company and a Belarusian entity.

“At the one year anniversary of UniversalTalent International, it is with great pride that UTI makes today’s historic announcement. Forging a strategic partnership with Belarusfilm advances our mission to provide high quality and cost-effective off shore production facilities for our clients in Hollywood,” stated UTI’s CEO Gary Brant. “Belarusfilm is the ideal partner for UTI, with a highly skilled and dedicated workforce ready to support projects from music videos through major $million productions, in combination with resources such the largest backlot in Eastern Europe, state-of-the-art post production, sound and editing facilities, and an extensive wardrobe department with over 500,000 articles including many historic costumes,” Brant continued. “In summary, today’s alliance between UTI and the Minstry of Culture, Republic of Belarus advances our mission to develop high quality alternative production resources for our studio clients, while increasing public awareness throughout the world of the Belarusian culture”.

In a related matter, UniversalTalent International announced a unique plan to open two film scting schools, one in Minsk, Belarus, and a sister campus in Hollywood, Calfornia. BELSTAR will offer specialized training for acting students in a two year program. The first year will be locally in each location, and the second year will relocate students to BELSTAR’s sister campuses to allow for learning and working in those respective countries. “BELSTAR will offer for the very first time a unique opportunity for Belarusian acting students to be taught by teachers who have worked in Hollywood and have broad knowledge of the skills needed for our students to have successful careers in America,”  stated UTI’s CEO. “Moreover, our students will have a unique opportunity in their second year to move to Hollywood and work in the industy, while continuing their classes. Conversely, American BELSTAR stuents will have the same opportunity in their second year to relocate to our teaching campus in Misnk, and study the Belarusian culture and work locally in the industry at Belarusfilm,” continued Brant. “In effect, BELSTAR is a student exchange program the allows our students to learn both acting techniques and skills in both the American and Belarusian cultures”.

BELSTAR is part and parcel of UTI’s overall mission to improve public awareness throughout the world of Belarusian culture and arts, improve its capabilities to satisfy the needs of Hollywood, and to invigorate its national film industry. By developing its capabilities to make its own films and attract productions to the Republic, according to Brant, it will be ready to become a player on the world stage of both artistic and commercially successful film projects.



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